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ECI Past Performance 


Technical Training Support (Contract # N00014-10-C0137)

                ECI provides support to the Director of Human Resources at the Office of Naval Research which includes the development and implementation of command wide training programs, including mandatory training courses; evaluation of vendor proposals; coordination of vendor payments; monitoring training expenditures and providing quarterly updates.  (Point of Contact:  Margaret Mitchell (703) 588-2364)


Professional Development and Training Support (Contract #N00014-10C-0137)

                ECI provides support to the Director of Human Resources at the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to include studies of various occupations, organizational reviews, position reviews and audits; develop new and or re-described position descriptions and evaluation statements; advise managers on classification principles; conduct fact-finding and desk audits when applicable. (Point of Contact:  Margaret Mitchell (703) 588-2364)


Program Support  (Contract # DAAB07-03-D-B006 - SUBCONTRACT# 136272)

        ECI  provides support to the Director of IT Operations for  methods, processes and tools to strive for cost, schedule and performance efficiencies for ONR IT lifecycle management / tech refresh and smart buys. This person also identifies all IT hardware/software configurations, current lifecycle status, associated contracts and/or licenses, out year sustainment and replacement costs as well as the decision making process of how the Office of Naval Research procures IT. Additional duties include the analysis of current contracts, implementation of Program of Memorandum process and assistance in developing operational IT policies.  (Point of Contact:  CWO Bobby Roberts (703) 696-0709)


Program Support  (Contract # GS-06F-0364Z)

                ECI assists the CIO of ONR in developing and implementing a capital and strategic planning process.  This process enables the CIO to accomplish the goal of integrating a management process for the continuous selection, management and evaluation of IT investments over the IT life cycle.  The objective is to facilitate achievement of the Department of Navy's (DoN's) mission and business objectives.  ECI provides acquisition support to this organization.  ECI prepares technical specifications and procurement documentation, and technical support as required for this and other Government procurements.  We provide support to advance and implement acquisition strategies, requirements definition, system development and implementation.  We also ensure system requirements are clearly defined and articulated; security requirements are addressed and incorporated; system development is tracked and monitored and that milestones and objectives are met.  (Point of Contact:  John Whitehead (703) 696-4017)


Clerical & Administrative Support (Contract N00014-10C-0137)

                ECI provides administration support in the capacity of schedule courses/seminars; set up on-site facilities; prepare rosters and analyze course evaluations; and maintaining accurate files.  (Point of Contact:  Margaret Mitchell (703) 588-2364)


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